Tasks and Values

The Finnish Dental Association aims to fortify the solidarity of the profession and supervises the professional, economic and social interests of its members. We work towards the development of oral health care and the treatment of tooth and oral pathology as a part of the general health care service. The association advances dentists’ ethical values and promotes dialogue about ethical questions in the field.

The promotion of the population’s oral health is an important part of the Dental Association’s activities. Good oral health is an integral part of well-being, quality of life and general health.

The Finnish Dental Association’s tasks

  • To maintain and strengthen the unity and collegial sense of the profession.
  • To supervise dentists' interests.
  • To act as an expert in oral health care and to be a major contributor to health policies.
  • To monitor the compliance of ethical guidelines within the profession.
  • To promote the fulfilment of good treatment for patients and good oral health.

The Finnish Dental Association’s values


As a syndicate of dentists and a representative of the profession, the Dental Association plays a special role in society as the expert in oral health care. The association collaborates with other operators in the field and is an authoritative partner.


The power of dentists’ lobbying comes from their unity. The greater the number of dentists in the association, the better they can influence the issues concerning their profession and oral health care in general. Collegiality, respect and the support of colleagues underpin our unity.


The Finnish Dental Association matches the needs of dentists, patients and the society in a responsible way. The association cherishes the high professional ethics of dentists.


Working in Finland as a dentist

In order to work as a dentist or specialised dental practitioner in Finland, you must have an authorisation (licence to practice a profession) from Valvira.

Finnish Dental Association does not deal with licensing and is not an authority.